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Sunday, 1 December 2013

QSC K 12 powered speakers for hire this summer on the Northern Beaches

We have a new order of QSC K12 speakers arrive and we have been using them extensively the last couple of weeks with good results.

QSC K series speakers hiring now on the Northern Beaches of Sydney  

Initially i avoided this particular speaker as it was expensive very heavy and untried in the Rental market.
The JBL PRX  and RCF art being the choice for Djs and bands respectively were serving me well for their ease of use weight and price point.
I ordered a pair of K10s and found them instantly useful being able to run three inputs at once suddenly made sense at small weddings or events such as the Walk for brain cancer which needed a fast setup with minimal equipment and wanted background music with the microphones.
The K12s offer a bit more sound and sound great at low to mid volume i am not that impressed with them at high volume but am thinking it may have something to do with the quality of the sound source being a phone with an MP3 running through it so will give it a test with vinyl and a decent mixer and see what comes back.
For Versatility though these area great option  and can be very useful in a situation where space and a quick setup time are important.
They are heavy and quite bulky to handle if you are a smaller person these may be hard to manage,the K 10 is much easier to work with if that is the case.

The JBL PRX is light sounds great loud but has only one input, the new 7 series has more options as far as connectivity goes great for DJs this is still the go to speaker for dance music
The RCF ART 315A   
This speaker has great hi end reproduction and sounds awesome in a live situation with female vocalists especially a great vocal speaker

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