Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Film Stars, Councillors, Dj's and Weddings with Northern Beaches PA Hire in Feb 2014

We had a crazy month at Northern Beaches PA Hire

Starting with Warringah Council and the debate over the future of Fishermans beach, 300 people and the Mayor of Warringah were discussing the the future of one of the Beaches best kept secrets.
the mood was energetic and the views conflicting we ran a small pa desk a projector setup to enable all to be heard.

Next up was Trader Faulkner who at 85 was one of the most engaging people I have met for many years, he is a local lad from Queenscliff who left Sydney to become a great supporting actor through the 40's to the 60's in London with some amazing stories of Laurence Olivier, Anthony Quinn, James Coburn and many more.
My only comment to him was " a life well lived" after listening to his life story.

Manly 2015 the big debate

Manly was out in force discussing its future with over 500 people gathered in Manly Villages school hall. Mike Baird and Candy Bingham were key speakers at this emotional discussion of the future of Manly, views from the Council and some visionary speakers were at odds in this vibrant discussion.
We ran a 6 speaker rig with wireless mic's and recorded the whole event.

Grand Master Flash back at Brooklyn in Manly

The legend behind the Message and White Lines is back for his second visit in as many years
he rocked the venue for a loyal group of switched on music fans as always Brooklyn was the key player in Manly

We also ran Parties for Reef, Volcom and numerous Weddings on the Northern Beaches during the climax of the silly season here in the Northern Beaches

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