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Monday, 23 September 2013

The summer wedding at the Q Station the Northern Beaches best kept secret

We were at the Q Station last weekend for a great outdoor wedding,  blazing sun, blue water,  friendly people and a top sound system.
Everything went off without a hitch including boats, cars and children,  and as at all Northern Beaches PA Hire weddings the sound.
Using several new digital GSM band mics and digital D Class speakers we set up a cost effective system that incorporated a 10 channel mixer with Efx for the acoustic band
Mics for the celebrant and Bride and Groom coming in well within the couple's budget.
Smiling faces and clear sound were the order of the day.

Another wedding this weekend at the same venue which promises to be as equally special,  discover this gem of a venue on the Northern Beaches with Northern Beaches PA Hire.