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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Vinyl, CD, MP3 what is the difference when you play music on the Northern Beaches of Sydney

At Northern Beaches PA Hire  we are Vinyl lovers, Vinyl couch, Vinyl clothes and Vinyl records, since 1979 we have purchased the 45, then the 12" and always the gate fold album, coloured vinyl, picture disk , laser disk,  Beta Max, Mini Disk, you name it.

Napster, Wav then MP3  have all come and gone to a degree.

Now we have Pirate Bay, Ogg, Vorbis and Flacc

The future will be filled with new and amazing ideas and file formats, the question is when do you get off the bus draw a line in the sand and listen to the music.
Latley i have been loving Mix Cloud, jumping on and hearing some great tunes whether old or new put together by people who care enough to upload and let the music play, been some great sounds from Greg Wilson and Dj Vadim , along with Hong Kong Ping Pong, truly great music.

Have a look at this guy and make your judgment on the health of modern music

all the best Northern Beaches PA Hire