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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Party speaker hire for summer 2014 and 2015 on the Northern Beaches of Sydney

Summer is fast approaching and it is time to plan your party event or wedding on the northern beaches of Sydney.

At Northern Beaches PA Hire and our sister company Northern Beaches Speaker hire we have a great range of brand new hi quality affordable sound solutions for any event or party on the Northern Beaches.

From  the latest technology Behringer B112W with Bluetooth capability means no more cables 500 watts of usable power and wireless linking between speakers, they sound great and are great fun to use at any party or wedding. At $45 with stand an power leads they are the first stop for 21sts, 18ths and house parties.

Moving up from there we have the JBL PRX range for the serious DJ, plenty of bottom end for dance music
these are proven and sound great when used with Pioneer mixers, at $55 they are great solution for upto 300 people
The QSC K10 and K12 series of powered speakers were a game changer when they came out, superbly flexible inputs and solid construction means they are very popular. We use these at conferences and for speech as the vocal boost is great when using wireless mics etc.. $60 to hire for 24hrs
My personal favorite is the RCF HD12  Italian made with a huge pedigree this box is 600 watts of clean usable power and is my go to box for all vocal applications as the hi end is second to none for a sub $1500 box. They really are worth the extra few dollars if sound is important to you.$70 for 24 hrs

Subwoofers add some decent bottom end to any party and we use QSC KSUBS and the ultra portable EV ZXA1  rated at 1000 watts and 700 watts respectively, not always needed but for a bigger room it can change the sound dramatically.
Both these subs are great i like the EV as it is so light you can carry it in one hand two will give you 1400 watts of tight punchy bass ideal for smaller venues where 18inch subs will sound muddy at $50 each they are first stop for subs. The QSC is bigger and is on casters sounding great with two 12 inch cones and 2x 500 watt amps in slightly larger venues but you will need a van to move them effectively. 

We also have partner companies who can offer larger setups for bands gigs and events and some professional sound engineers who have worked with the best in the business.

Tim Carrol is a veteran of the live music scene having many credits to his name including setting up the original sound system at the legendary Basement in Sydney. He specializes in Jazz, Roots and Country, he has a great rig and the experience and patience to ensure that you are getting the best from the desk, the speakers and the operator. Jazz and acoustic music is the most difficult to replicate well live, if you need this level professionalism for your gig contact us to book the master Tim Carrol.

We are also partnered with Lights To Party who provide the ultimate lighting solutions. And AVA Party hire for all your event infrastructure this summer from Glasses to dancefloors.

Talk to the professionals first and get the best advice and proven results for any event on the Northern Beaches this summer   Northern Beaches PA Hire 0407 498 970