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Friday, 10 October 2014

Wedding sound Hire Northern Beaches Sydney 2014

Summer weddings at Northern Beaches PA Hire 

Outdoor weddings with Portable Speakers on the Northern Beaches

We had a great start to summer with a wedding at Dunes in Palm Beach a great couple from Manly who really enjoyed the day. Out on the grass in strong wind it was going to be a challenge so a variety of kit was loaded into the van.

2 x Roland Ba 55's linked with wireless handheld mic and Sennheiser  Lapel all running off batteries in strong wind!
Also music from a phone just to add extra complication that had to be controlled throughout the wedding. 

The Lapel was suffering from wind noise even with a sock so it was dropped and a second Roland handheld mic was used, these mics did not pick up the wind to any audible level which i was surprised and pretty happy with.

The minister had to tape his notes to the Lecturn which blew over twice!

The sound out front was balanced between the two units and the couple and guests had no idea that the wind was a factor and the Roland BA 55's worked flawlessly.

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