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Friday, 16 October 2015

DJ gear hire Northern Beaches Sydney CDJ 2000 Nexus CDJ 900's DJM Mixers

DJ equipment hire specialists Northern Beaches Sydney

Djing and the Dj culture is now mainstream in most youth culture groups, from humble beginnings it is now a part of the landscape of many peoples lives, whether Djing themselves or attending Bars, Clubs and Festivals dedicated to the art.

Northern Beaches founder DJ NAKED started in 1987 in the UK playing Disco and Funk to an uneducated crowd drinking beer and fighting on a Saturday night!

The Summer Of Love in 1989 changed everything just as Punk and before that Elvis Presley did for the youth of the time.
Moving to London and Playing at Heaven, The Astoria and Subterranean Club along with gigs in Brighton, Bristol and the south coast on Technics 1200's with Vinyl and Mixers that often did not have Crossfaders things moved at an amazing pace.

Ibiza, Detroit, New York and London were pushing the boundaries of music and technology in the field. The Northern beaches of Sydney were hugely influential unknown to most with the development of the Fairlight Sampler. 

This Sampler used in the 80's by Herbie Hancock on his track  "Rockit" designed by Tony Furse made the sound of the 80's  they even had an office in French's Forest!

The 90's and digital technology did away with small companies such as this to be dominated finally by Pioneer and its ground breaking CDJ and DJM range in the early 2000's.

Compact disks gave way to USB sticks and a new affordable professional Dj platform was allowing anyone to mix, remix and produce music.

At Northern Beaches PA hire we have moved with this from the CDJ 1000 MK3 to the CDJ 2000 Nexus which is today's benchmark Dj tool.

We offer them at a competitive $120 each per 24 hrs  with DJM Mixers from $50.

If you need this level of sophisticated Dj equipment call us today we offer a great service which includes setup and training for the novice, we also have Technics 1200's for the purist.

The setup below includes Traktor Scratch Pro

We also can put you in touch with great local and city based Dj's such as Alex Mac, August, Seany B, Toby Neal, Illya, Kid Kenobi, Jack Mccord and other top names in the industry

Call 0407 498 970