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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Northern Beaches PA Hire Anzac Day 2016

Anzac day with Northern Beaches PA hire 

Manly beach morning ceremony, Harbord Hilton

Anzac day dawned sunny and bright this year and we were at South Steyne Surflub to run the sound for the beach ceremony, with an audience of around 400 people.
Speakers were placed on the sand facing the walkway in some very hot and testing conditions, the boxes were red hot before they were switched on which was a slight concern!

The key speakers told of the bravery of the men from Manly who rowed the boats ashore at Gallipoli.
Some of the first Soldiers into the fray and many lost their lives in the process, a great tradition of remembrance.

We used wired mics for this and kept it basic to avoid the confusion of mic signals etc.. and wanted to keep the sand out. cables were run in the sand and the crowd could hear clearly. 

Harbord Hilton 2 UP

This event is always a challenge due to the numbers of people who flock to the venue for the traditional 2UP day. Well over 1000 people were enjoying the atmosphere, we place 4 QSC K 10's around the site, with 2 Wireless mics and music throughout.
We chose the K10's because of their size and dispersion of 90 degrees ensuring the caller was heard but not deafening.
On return we were treated to a sight of people going crazy and beer soaked cables. it was a huge success and we will be back next year!

Elanora Golf Club wedding

This a great venue with huge outdoor spaces and large rooms for a hi end wedding.
we had a duo in the marquee and Dj rig in the ballroom all needing great sound.
Poco Uno employed to sort the sound out on this extravagant wedding day.
It looked and sounded very impressive when all done!
Cdj 2000 nexus dj decks Djm 900 mixer, RCF HD12 speakers with Subs all went in and worked flawlessly.
outside in the marquee we setup for a popular Melbourne duo flown in for the event..
They were happy with the sound and the event went off without a hitch.

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