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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Northern Beaches PA Hire DJ equipment

Northern Beaches PA Hire is proud to support our local talent from Sydney's Northern Beaches

We have a long history of providing sound for some great dj/producers on Sydney's northern beaches.
It Started with names like Milton, Robbie Lowe, Kid Kenobi, Basskleph, Frew, PNAU, Mark Walton, Ajaxx, Alex Mac, Husky and Yogi, Adam Clarke, John Ohms, Toby Neal, Illya, The AudioPhiles and many more.

We have been involved in local club culture from the start and still find local Dj's coming back to us in a new generation of talented people keen to have the personal service we offer.
Venues such as Cerutis, The Wharf Bar, The Sands, Aqualounge, The Winery, Barking Frog, In Situ, The Belgrave Cartel, The Steyne and many more have all called at some point.

Local Dj Nick lutton uses Northern Beaches PA Hire to provide the sound he needs when playing Tech House to hungry crowds at the the Shore Club and Deck Bar

He is one of many young Dj/ producers who have taken the time to ask questions and get the best from their sound, here playing at Escape.

After time in Ibiza and Berlin he is one of a growing number of musically aware Dj's that wont settle for bad sound, he asks the right questions and won't compromise on sound quality. He often takes 4000 watts to play to 100 people knowing that it will provide headroom and clarity keeping the mixer in the green!

  We have a great selection of JBL, RCF, and QSC powered speakers, with Pioneer decks and mixers to complement your event.
We also look after the small things by using the best Amphenol XLR cables and top quality IEC power cords.
All the speakers come with stands,travel bags and Public Liability insurance   you are covered at all times and we offer over the phone support free of charge.

You may not need it but it is handy to have when your reputation is based on your performance.

Call us today on 0407 498 970 if you are a Dj on Sydney's Northern Beaches