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Friday, 27 March 2015

Northern Beaches 100 years of ANZAC tradition and Valentines night 2015 with Northern Beaches PA hire

Northern Beaches Sydney 2015 celebrating the ANZAC tradition

Valentine's Night 2015 at Belgrave Cartel Manly

Northern Beaches Pa Hire Autumn 2015

March in Sydney is always a great month to have a function outdoors and with Centenary of the ANZAC'S in full swing we have a full schedule of events commemorating the lives lost and those surviving keeping the spirit alive and in peoples minds.

Warringah Council has many events planned the first was a gathering at the Dee Why Cenotaph for former soldiers and their families.

The day went well with rain threatening but held off, we used two Roland BA 55 powered speakers linked and a wireless mic  along with an Ipod input to play the music marking various stages of the event.
The event went smoothly and a the former soldiers we able to conduct the service smoothly with everyone able to hear the important message and be moved by the military posts that called them all those years ago.

Back at the Belgrave Cartel Love was in the air!

Valentines night 2015 was a great night at this hip local meeting pace with packed dinner service and a great concept of couples requesting their favourite romantic music to be played via Spotify.
we provide the PA and Dj equipment to ensure that the sound of love was in the air!

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