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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Northern Beaches PA Hire Autumn Events

100 Years of ANZAC Events on the Northern Beaches 

Across the Northern Beaches Councils have employed our portable sound solutions this Autumn

The D Class battery powerd soundsystems has been in big demand in recent weeks. It seems everyone wants to hold an event outside without the convenience of 'mains power'.

The new range of battery powered speakers we have are light powerful and easy to use.
Adding some extra volume at any outdoor event is a must, as weather & background noise can leave even the loudest and most professional voice struggling to cut through.

We have also found that events for the ANZAC 100 years commemorations have needed attended by older demographics. Add to this large groups, better sound quality is paramount.

Anzac Eve found us on Manly Beach. A moving tribute to the men from Manly who rowed the boats ashore at Gallipoli. The very experienced, Simon Westaway, MC set the scene perfectly for the 200
plus people who gathered to pay tribute to those who gave so much.
Mike Baird along with the Commadore of the Navy laid wreathes in the waves as the sun went down.

We used two older Mipro Systems linked with a wired mic to ensure stability of the sound. The event ran smoothly and more importantly all these heartfelt words and ceromoinies were heard.  

Also at Collaroy Beach an unveiling of an important war time memory

Family members and local artists arrived to celebrate the life of a wartime series events that involved many people from the northern beaches, involving wives knitting socks and clothes for men in the trenches, it was a story of struggle through adversity and the ANZAC spirit within the community.

We used the Roland BA55 and wireless mic system to bring this event to life.